Paris’ Arrondissements

In January 1860 Napoleon III divided Paris into twenty districts called arrondissements. They are still in existence today and are very commonly referred to when it comes to hotels and attractions so having at least a basic understanding of them is essential. The districts start at the center of Paris and spiral out in a clockwise motion.

The names of the arrondissements can be written several different ways. On the street signs in Paris they will most commonly be written in Roman Numerals so it’s a good idea to learn them before you go as this will help you find your way around the city much more easily.

As with any major metropolitan city, Paris’ residents cover a multitude of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. This, coupled with the history of the city, has naturally led to certain areas/neighborhoods having their own individual characteristics and charm. The arrondissements are no exception.

I’ve listed each arrondissement below (as well as some of the different ways it can be written). I have included a brief description of the district, a list of some of the major attractions located in the district, and a map with the specific district highlighted for a visual reference. (Click on the map or text of each arrondissement to see it enlarged.)

1st Arr (I, 1e, 1ere, 1eme) – Louvre


2nd Arr (II, 2e, 2ere, 2eme) – Bourse


3rd Arr (III, 3e, 3ere, 3eme) – Marais: Part 1


4th Arr (IV, 4e, 4ere, 4eme) – Marais: Part 2


5th Arr (V, 5e, 5ere, 5eme) – Latin Quarter


6th Arr (VI, 6e, 6ere, 6eme) – Saint Germain


7th Arr (VII, 7e, 7ere, 7eme) – Eiffel Tower


8th Arr (VII, 8e, 8ere, 8eme) – Champs-Elysees


9th Arr (IX, 9e, 9ere, 9eme) – Galleries Layfayette & Printemps


10th Arr (X, 10e, 10ere, 10eme) – Canal St. Martin


11th Arr (XI, 11e, 11ere, 11eme) – Place de la Bastille


12th Arr (XII, 12e, 12ere, 12eme) – Bercy


13th Arr (XIII, 13e, 13ere, 13eme) – Place d’Italie


14th Arr (XIV, 14e, 14ere, 14eme) – Montparnasse


15th Arr (XV, 15e, 15ere, 15eme) – Porte de Versailles


16th Arr (XVI, 16e, 16ere, 16eme) – Trocadero


17th Arr (XVII, 17e, 17ere, 17eme) – Place de Clichy


18th Arr (XVIII, 18e, 18ere, 18eme) – Montmarte


19th Arr (XIX, 19e, 19ere, 19eme) – Parc de la Villette


20th Arr (XX, 20e, 20ere, 20eme) – Pere-Lachaise Cemetery




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