Current Time in France

Depending on where you’re traveling from, visiting another country may be a major adjustment from your current time and even date. Knowing the current time of the country you’ll be traveling to is very important; especially when you’re planning the flights and other aspects of your arrival/departure.

When you’re in Paris, it’s a good idea to be aware of what time it is back home. This ensures you don’t text your best friend at 2am just to brag about how you just ate the most incredible dessert you’ve ever had in your entire life! 🙂

For this reason, I have included a time zone map below. I’ve also included instructions below the image on how to determine the difference in number of hours between your home time and Paris time. (You can click on it to make it larger.)


Just locate your home city and follow the numbers until you France (in the yellow section that says +1). The number of time zones you cross equals the number of hours difference between your home location and France. The direction you cross indicates whether France is ahead or behind your current time. If you have to move right to reach France, then they are ahead of you. If you have to move left, they are behind.

Example #1: If you live in New York City then you would start at -05 and cross over 6 time zones  to get to France; making the current time in France 6 hours ahead of your current time in New York City. So, if it’s 1pm your time then it’s 7pm in France.

Example #2: If you live in Japan then you would start +09 and cross over 8 time zones to the left to get to France; making the current time in France 8 hours behind your current time in Japan. So, if it’s 9pm your time then it’s 1pm in France.

Now that you have figured out the time difference, all you need to while you’re in Paris is just take the current time and do the calculation of the difference and you’ll know right away what time it is back home.